Furnishing Fundraiser

We are hoping to raise $10,000 to help with the expense of creating a beautiful and welcoming space for our women to access care. There are many things we need to buy in regard to furniture, medical equipment, electronics and administration items not to mention day-to-day products like tea, coffee, cleaning equipment and storage containers.

Furnishing Fundraiser

We have chosen a few of the bigger items that we would love to have some help with purchasing. This includes:

  • A Couch and Comfortable Chairs - for our group space where women will gather to read to their babies, build relationships with each other and seek informal support from our staff. This will also be where birth and parenting classes and group workshops take place so that women (and their partners) can be equipped to thrive as parents. 
  • Large Fridge/Freezer – to stock a range of nutritious meals to provide for women after they have given birth. We will also have healthy snacks and lunch options for women who come to an appointment and are in need of a healthy meal. 
  • Café tables and chairs – We will have a small area with several café style tables and chairs for our staff/support workers to share a cup of tea with a pregnant Mama.
  • Computer/Printer – for women to use to apply for Centrelink payments, complete their CV with assistance from our staff, print job applications, register their baby with Medicare etc. 
  • Artwork (and plants!) – we want our space to be beautiful, peaceful and welcoming. One day we may be well-known enough to attract donations from local artists, but for now, we have our eye on some prints of gorgeous paintings that will be a good start for our walls! We will also have some indoor plants to add life and colour to the place. 
  • Bookshelf – this will hold our library of children’s books that will be filled with stories donated from our community of support. These will be accessed by women who are pregnant and with babes already in arms, to encourage a love of reading from a very young age.
  • Montessori-style wooden toys – we will have a play corner set up for the small children who visit our centre with their Mums. We will have strong, quality toys that encourage the creativity and imagination of the little ones who play with them. We want our space to be safe and welcoming for the children as well as their Mamas. 

If you would like to contribute to help us furnish our space, please do so here, with the option to nominate what you would like your finance to go towards. 

If you have any pre-loved items that you think may be suitable for our space, please contact us at hello@fsps.org.au with pictures and measurements for our consideration.