Our Vision

That every pregnant woman would be a part of a supportive local community where she would know her value, capability and hope for the future.

Our Mission

To provide relational, practical and medical support for pregnant women in need and facilitate their engagement with local services.

Our Team

First Steps Pregnancy Support in Queanbeyan and the ACT

dr sarah jensen

Sarah is a local GP Obstetrician who delights in caring for Mums-to-be and is particularly passionate about equipping women to live out their potential as capable and flourishing mothers. She works and lives in the Queanbeyan Region with her husband and three young children. Sarah has an Advanced Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, is a General Practitioner with training in pregnancy counselling and has also completed her Diploma of Child Health.


First Steps Pregnancy Support in Queanbeyan and the ACT

Laura Lamerton

Laura is a local Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent Welfare. Laura has worked as a Community Child Protection Worker empowering families to access community support, as well as a Student and Family Counsellor. With a young family of her own, she is well aware of the challenges that pregnancy and parenthood place on individuals and families.

BSW (ACU), BA (ANU), Master of Child & Adolescent Welfare (CSU)

First Steps Pregnancy Support in Queanbeyan and the ACT

dr Ingrid Kensey

Ingrid is a local GP with a passion for holistic, integrated care from birth to death. Ingrid is married with three young children and knows from experience how challenging the transition to motherhood can be. Ingrid believes we need to cherish pregnant women, their children and their families by walking alongside them during their most challenging times. Ingrid has a Clinical Diploma in Palliative Medicine, a Diploma in Child Health and training in crisis pregnancy counselling.



Stella is a teacher who is passionate about providing equitable education opportunities regardless of social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Stella specialises in working with students who need extra support in learning and social and emotional well-being development. Stella has completed Masters in Inclusive Education and Trauma Informed Practices.

BEd (Primary) (UC), (M.Ed.) (UC)

unplanned pregnancy in Queanbeyan and the ACTunplanned pregnancy in Queanbeyan and the ACT